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Filtermist Solves Coolant Control

Metalworking fluids and coolants play a critical role in most machining processes by cooling, lubricating, removing chips and protecting against corrosion.

Filtermist have the products to ensure that your coolant is working as hard as it can to cut costs, improve quality and maintain a safe environment for employees.
Precise delivery with Loc-Line coolant hose
A correcty mixed and well maintained coolant needs to be delivered precisely to ensure it does the job to maximum effect. Not doing so will shorten tool life and degrade the quality of any machining process.
Coolant control begins with a correct mix
A low coolant concentration will cause a short tool life, bacteria growth and rusting of the machine amongst other problems.

Too high a concentration will result in excessive heating leading to a decrease in machining precision and a shortened tool life. It can also create major health and safety issues related to the increased risk of dermatitis and respiratory problems in machine operators.
Removal of tramp oil contaminants
Tramp oils help form the scum layer on the coolant, providing a breeding ground for bacteria. Aside from creating a health and safety hazard and reducing lubrication qualities of the coolant, this can often result in a pungent odour that leads to extremely unpleasant working conditions.
Safe, clean and efficient coolant handling
Collecting liquid borne sludge, metal chips and other debris or simply moving coolant quickly and safely are big priorities when it comes to maintaining productivity and a clean, healthy workplace.

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